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It is so hot here I am freaking out!

I live in the Canadian Prairies. Not a place known for its hot weather. It usually peaks at about +30 Deg. Centigrade ( not sure what that is in Farenheit ) and about - 30 Deg. Centigrade in the winter. Bloody cold. It has been hitting +33 and with seriously high humidity. So figure about +42 Deg. Celcius with the humidex. I dry off after a shower and I am damp again in about 15 minutes.The heat here is normally dry like Arizona but the humidity is like being in the tropics. My palms are sweating and I am completely loosing it. If I ever vacation in Asia or other sub-tropical destinations, I would be totally screwed. I normally don't like it really hot because I am naturally a hot person. I am always hot in the winter and my friends call me the "furnace" sometimes. This totally sucks. I am barely sleeping and all I do is sweat all day in a office with no AC. Our rehearsal space is like a blast furnace so jamming has been out of the question. Sorry I had to bitch but it makes me feel better.