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You should try a dynamic mic instead of the condenser.
This might help you with getting rid of some of the fret noises.
Playing practice should help you too!!
You culd try to do is using the mic in bidirectionsl (8) or omni.
With omni you will get less of the proximity effect and therefor a better mid tone.
With the figure 8 you should try the back of the mic. I have learned that a lot ot mics sound different front/back in omni/bi.

Your room might **** up the mids, so moveing the amp into another spot in the room might help.
Moving the mic a bit back might clear up some of the mids.

A tube amp will help too. Try to get a small wattage one and crank it!
I have a Vox 100W tube bass amp that sounds fantastic when you turn the master up to >3/4 full power. The tube saturation + the speaker compression will give you a lot of the punch.