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Old 7th March 2003
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If I pick one mic, it's the SM57.

Of course, I wouldn't pick one mic. Couldn't. What kind of Gearslut would I be, after all?

In the past two years, I've bought-up many mics and a few months back I did a shootout on my own vocals. Tubes, the ubiquitous U87, two different preamps, and two different songs -- one uptempo rock, one folksie ballad.

The SM57 won. The CD does not lie. It's not what I wanted to hear, but there ain't no denying.

I don't have an SM7, though, and I'm interested in checking one out. When I told Harvey Gerst about my mic shootout, he recommended the SM7 to me. Now I'm hearing about it again. I've been meaning to get one, and I will. Soon. You know. Once I get a few things straightened out in my life (see procrastination thread).