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Originally Posted by jrimas ➡️
Any Hopes in the Future of EdiCue working with Nuendo??
Nuendo should be able to load midi files created by EdiCue to trigger audio beeps and vision wipes - although we haven't tested this ourselves. We haven't looked at creating cues in Nuendo for EdiCue to load as yet.

The main requirement on Nuendo's part would be able to create the equivalent of a Pro Tools region group on a track. I'm not sure it can do this. If you can create some kind of clip on a track that doesn't generate any audio media, enter text longer than 31 chars into it and export this text along with it's start and end times we're in business.

Feel free to contact me off-list if you like. We could look at implementing something early next year if we can get what we need out of Nuendo.