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Originally Posted by seb37000
No, the tlm 193 do's not sound like a u87, the u87 is very mid rangy, the tlm 193 is the opposite. It has a dip right around where the u87 has a peak.
The tlm193 is really a nice mic, it has a rich bottom and is very smooth, some would say dark but then you can use an e.q.
You can use the tlm193 as an ambient bass drum mic, for vocals you'll probably have to add some 2-4k, it's really nice on strings and horns, its also very nice on bass cabs ( thats where I use it the most ).
If you want to compare it to another mic it would be the u89 but the tlm193 is cardioide and transformless.
Interesting stuff. I've always hated that mic. One of my favorite singers bought it and I've always thought he made a bad purchase. My favorite mic for him was a blue kiwi but he didn't want to come up with the extra change for that.

He's a very smooth gospel singer... Think Donnie Hathaway but even smoother. I usually add some high mid and presence boost to get him on top of the track. Maybe that's why I dislike the TLM193. And I 100% agree about it being VERY different from the 87. Neumann should make that clear instead of trying to pawn it off as a mini 87.

Never tried it on kick... I think you could get a much better all-rounder though. For your applications a Phantom C would be deluxe. Vox, strings, acoustic guitar... Great mic for the price.