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When doing a punch-in with tape rolling, the switching logic goes like this.

1. The track to be punched is set into "ready" and "sync". Roll tape, playback is from record head at the channel's line output.

2. Punch in. Record head is connected to output of record amp (instead of input of repro amp) and the channel line output is fed the signal from the line input.

3. At punch-out, the audio reverts back to "1" above.

Thus, the artist hears sync playback until the punch, then hears live audio, then sync playback at the punch out.

On a 440, 440B, and early production MM-1000s, it takes three hands to do that! One to twist the rotary switch from "sel sync" to "ready", one to press record, and one to flip the lever switch from "repro" to "input".