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A couple of comments from the peenut gallery...
IMO with a $200 USD budget, a 57 and Joe Meek VC3 can work on kik, snare and guitar. Never tried it on vox.
Tracked scrax vox in the control room with a 58 a few years back. Put it through 1 channel of a Manley Dual Mono and LA4 not in use. Kept some of those tracks..
Liked that kit enough to line up a 57 to Manley to LA4 for rock guitar. Kept some of those tracks too...
Liked that enough to use the 57 through a Flamingo to 1176 on the snare. Keep most of those trax.
I have to say that I do not think the 57 & 58 are finicky mics to capture a sound. I like em both.