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Just wanted to add to this thread that we've release an update for EdiCue (v1.3.0). This includes:

- Option to load sessions cued with multiple film reels that are exported with Footages. Reel numbers are then printed at the head of all footages
- Option to create script files. Script files can be loaded into third-party apps to burn-in subtitles into quicktime movies
- New font handling to select all host computer fonts when printing PDFs. Allows for any international character set to be printed
- Preference to add a gap between cues on the engineers form and print the scene number on the actors form
- Bug fix for character text files. Now exports timecodes correctly
- Option to set the location of where files are exported/saved to

Also the Colin Broad Streamer software VS-Link3 can now load EdiCue XML files directly.