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Originally Posted by izzi ➡️

Subs can be a pain in the ass to set up properly and if not set up properly, can do more harm than good as far as your mixes translating well.

You have the room your mixing in to consider, the placement of the Sub, etc...

I would go with the 80's without the Sub.

Hope this helps

Since I don't have much room treatment, I went for the 80s without the sub and the sound here in my space is so much better than the sub-setups I've experienced in some fellow producers' space. One of these guys has a HS50 and he's wondering if he gets a sub or replace those for the advice was to replace, since he has no room treatment.

I basically produce dance-floor rhythms and the 80s felt like a glove here. In fact, in the last months I've been even using its room control feature lately (-2db lo-shelf @ 100Hz) cause my room has some exaggerated bass on one side. A sub here would make a REAL mess.

Overall, like 100 people already said: no doubts the 80s are the best buy for the price.