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Originally posted by Curve Dominant
Actually, that's do-able.

A Shure SM57, going into an Alesis NanoCompressor through an Audio Technica CP8201 line transformer, is a complete vocal chain, under $200.

If the vocal performance is strong, the engineer competent, and the material compelling, you could record a hit record with that combo.

I'm shure it's been done.
Err. Curve, I give you more credit than this... but a nanocompressor into a at line xfromer?! I'm a total proponent of making good sounding (even sometimes "hit") records with what you got, but a NANO?! These things HARDLY make accurate representation or decently useable version of what you are really recording.

A mackie 'channel strip' of a 32-ate is much more doable IMO. (see The Strokes record for proof).

Don't get me wrong, I own 5 57's and wish I had a couple more, but a nanocompressor only sounds like a runner's vocal fader rides with a 57.

And I have to admit, as cool as the Vipre is especially on 47's, 87's, and c12's, I don't think a $2,000 pre makes a $100 or less mic THAT much "doper'. Many, many others will disagree, but I don't think the $2,000 difference will sell more than 50 or more records if your technique is worthy.

And even more honestly, I can't figure out why anyone would mod a 57 for higher SPL's on drums.