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The implication that the '57 is fussy about load impedance
has been echoed by "notables" like Fletcher, Harvey Gerst,
Scott Dorsey, et al. Plug a 57 into a Mackie VLZ Pro and it
isn't a pretty sight-I mean sound.

Sorry if the thrust of the question wasn't clear.
The intent was to understand the differences between popular
dynamic microphones used in a recording studio for vocals
in their load matching characteristics. The "chessmaster" in me
finds nerdy tech questions well...
"Fascinating" (said with best Leonard Nimoy voice).

Personally using the Studio Projects VTB-1, that a fellow owner
(pro engineer) has evaluated as being comparable to the stock
pre's in Amek consoles he's used. Supposed to be particularly
excellent for the RCA 77DX ribbon microphone per Harvey Gerst.

Will probably add the (Malcom) Toft dual pre/EQ box, later
this year, guessing street price to run under $700 when it comes
out soon.