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Old 18th June 2005
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Bypassing the SSM2015 mic pre chip in a TAC Scorpion II

I recently asked a tech about the biggest sonic shortcomming of the TAC Scorpion II . . . this is what I was told:

The SSM2015 mic pre chip in the inputs. You mix through this part so it's a bottleneck. An extensive mod to replace this chip with a line in opamp is possible, or the high speed mic pre card will do the trick for both line and mic in's.

How is this done? How "extensive" is it? Do the line only strips (s1201 stereo input modules) in the console also suffer from this short coming?

Also, thanks for everyone's help regarding the blown capacitors in my mix bus . . . I replaced the opamps with LT1358s, cut out all the electrolytic polarized caps . . . and it works like a charm.

Thanks again,