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thanks for the input

Yeah, hard for me to believe its a bleed thing because simply on a 5 piece band, it'd be a hell for arrangers / engineers to spread all the instruments that bleed into each other and make sure theres no phasing & then how do you premeditate that the sax for example bleeds only to the trumpet channel which will be panned opposite, and do that though out the whole arrangement..

I think the chamber return thing is more plausible.

Wallace, i agree, i think theres a fowardness & clarity with some sources on one single channel .

I ve also noticed that when say a piano is hard panned, any tuning discrepancies (my piano needed a tuner a couple of weeks ago) become hard to perceive and thats probably to do with harmonic content, the latter captured better in stereo?
Thats completely empirical as an observation on my part but it seems others agree.
On the contrary, the timbre / texture is very focused & clear.