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Originally Posted by George Necola ➡️

if we are talking about the same thing, it's just a good pop-song, with futuristic reverb FX, good (over)production, nice voice...

not my taste.

so what is the point?
The point is that this is nothing new and it may not be your taste but if you have been at one of gm´s workshops over the last 3 years you will be interested in how all the concepts he was talking about work in real life.

As you can see on the video the whole band plays in one room - which due to it´s special accoustic - mainly based on diffusion has a very homogenous sound. So he´s recording live performances, which is nothing new but very uncommon these days.

Second he tries to avoid click tracks - he has a guy playing very basic handpercussion with the other musicians and uses that track as a basis for creating a tempomap (for eventual future overdubs)

The entirely new thing he talked about is his new music marketing and distribution concept which means that the artist stays independant from any major label and reaches the public via internet (and live performacnes) - as an example he named imogen heap.

To help the new media appearances he allways has some guys filming the recording sessions on hd video for later use.

So if you sum all these little approaches I would say in times of shitty american superstar productions and wannabe A&Rs this is PRETTY DAMN AMAZING

Originally Posted by log62000 ➡️
Unfortunately, I can't find the other mix though, I just see the one on her second album down. I love to listen to how another genius mixer interprets the tune.
Go to her first album (the one with the green backround) and select "elevator music"