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The Older Side Of Stereo / dual mono & hard panning

Hi all,

I ve been really into early 70s pseudo -stereo techniques, dual mono, hard panned instruments l/r nothing shared between l&r but reverb, etc etc.
Is there anyone who knows how these amazing mixes were done? I love the warm but really focused sense of space you get from ertegun jazz productions on atlantic & similar era productions where theres a lovely realism & detail assisted by the instruments being represented pretty much by one speaker, the other providing the room's sound.

I mean, this wasnt just hard panning the mono signal and the wet plate on the other... i dunno.
Some sound as if there a close mic on one side and a really further away mic on the other, both uncompressed. But then what about phasing?
Also, the instrumentation seems to be somehow done with the stereo image in mind, like you rarely get an unbalanced image but still nothing is completely symmetrical..

It d be really nice to hear from people with more experience / 1st hand or not..

Thanks in advance