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here we go:

#1 is the REAL DEAL
#2 is the AnaMod

..... a few remarks:
-I think I should have spend a bit more time matching the drive carefully enough.
-I have no idea when they replaced the tubes for the last time. To me it sounds like they are getting worn.
I know that people have different tastes about this. I just met an engineer who said he always likes the tubes to be older, since he likes the darker sound.

I think if you will add 3 more REAL ones to the test, they will all produce different results. Anyone who used real ones will probably agree on this. Some comments say that the two samples really didn't sound anything alike. But I think the difference between the two test-files is comparable to the difference I've heard between two real ones in the past.
I am very happy with the AnaMod sound. It sounds like the real deal, and it sounds like a well maintained Fairchild... wich does not need much service in the future
I think everyone on this forum who has actually used both the real deal, and the AnaMod agrees that the AnaMod is great.