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Originally posted by thethrillfactor
BG,....the advent of MIDI....

.....I think in the 80's the best and most adventurous music came out of the U.K.....

....Tom Lord Alge and Chris Lord Alge over at Unique Recording Studios...He and Chris popularized a sound which was "jumpin and poppin"which worked great on the radio(which they continue to this day).....
Lots I agree with; (I was being diplomatic giving the US credit for sound quality...I'd side with the UK on creativity !)

At one point I was getting 3 calls a week from studios/engineers wanting our stuff after hearing what Tom was doing. (he subsequently had his C1 stolen !).

Btw, not related to any time period I think I'd rate Tchad Blake and Alan Moulder with Tom in terms of best ever creative use of the top of my head The Curve and Soul Coughing records stand out; and perhaps TLA might be well represented by Steve Winwood ?