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Old 22nd February 2003
Little Labs
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Dear 1nation,
Thanks for saying nice stuff. I've been talking to alot of people on this mic pre subject. Fletcher called this week with some great input, and this thread "feature or fluff" has got my head ah scratching. It looks like I have to do two. One will fit in with the line of the ibp, the redeye, the multi Z, etc.. It will have to be the Little Labs basic pre and will be the $550 list price range. The other will be more along the lines of my custom mastering type stuff with all the features ibp built in inserts etc. super power supply and will be in the high end category with price that goes along with that. I know I can build a great pre in the $550 range, but I know I could also build an eat your mutha for lunch pre for $2k. Stay tuned rock fans... Or more humbly, I will try my best to please a few.