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It's just a Little Pre

I would love to see this product get developed by Johnathan.

A modular mic pre that fits into his 1/4 rack space designs. That way I could buy a two unit rack and put in a couple pres, or a four unit one and put in a pair of pres and a couple IBPs. At a later date I could buy more pres and put my IBPs in another single rack space with my Multi zs. You see where I'm going with this.

Note to Johnathan:

You've already got a killer little line of DI's and tools that all seem to fit into the same rack space. But preamps are a hot ticket right now. Something clean and well designed like all of your other stuff would go over big. If you chose to put in an IBP switch on your little pre that would be deluxe. Can you fit this into a 1/4 rack space? Can you do it for around 5 or 6 bones? That way all of us hacks using PTLE and various other daws could buy one piece at a time and eventually build a whole new front end to our systems.

BTW, I meant 5 or 6 bones of my money not retail, although the two seem to be pretty close on your gear. Is that because you have a smaller market right now? I think that this could be a way to expand your market. But then again I'm using PTLE, and you're Johnathan Little so what do I know.