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Lightbulb Hello AL and Chrisso

I listened to the 'Slave to the Rhythm' album the other day. I thought it was AMAZING at the time, it sounded rather naff on relistening.

Hello Al and Chrisso,

would you mind elaborating a bit on the recording/mixing techniques used specifically on Grace Jones' "Slave to the Rhythm" ? Correct me if I am wrong but I believe it was Trevor Horn producing and S Lipson recording ? I have listened to it and of course noticed the "big reverbs" and other 80s cliches such as gated reverbs on the horn riffs. I assume that some of the samples used came from either the Fairlight or a Synclavier? Al, did you mean by "a technological Wood-for-Trees attitude" using technology for technology's sake ? I just wanted to clarify that. Which part of this production/sound is particularly to the sonic signature of the SSL 4K console? In other words, how would the SSL sound heve affected the overall product as opposed to any other console given at the moment? Would you say that some of the sound comes from the SSL's electro-compressors as opposed to opto compressors used in earlier eras of recording history? Hope you don't mind grilling you here, but I am writing a paper on this subject and am trying to get as much input as possible. Of course you will get credit where credit is due. Thanks a million.