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Originally posted by malice

... the creativity and the quality is not what makes people buy, marketing does.
I actually disagree. VHS succeeded entirely because it was the first format that allowed you to watch a feature length movie uninterrupted and this enabled the creation of the video rental industry. This wasn't marketing, it was just lucking into being first with what most people in the real world wanted.

The reason MCI was succesful is that they brought together a team of leading studio-owners and engineers to define exactly what ought to be in a 24 track recording console and tape machine remote. The reason SSL was successful is that they were smart enough to build on what MCI's team had defined. The reason everybody else has failed is that they ignored it.

Quality doesn't seem to matter much but basic functionality wins every time. It hasn't nearly as much to do with marketing as most marketing people and trade magazine folks would like to believe.