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Re: IC replacements for 5534, 5532

Originally posted by ottor
I've been wondering if there's a good upgrade chip to replace the 5534 in the mic pre of a Neve VR channel.

Now that the dear old OP176 has been discontinued by AD, what's the best hi-spec replacement for a 5534? Is the AD797 a good sounding chip?

Some people seem to like replacing bi-polar ICs with FET input types, such as the AD825 or OPA604. What drawbacks if any are there in doing this??



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I loved the OP176! The dual version, the OP275 is still available so I would go with that for the 5532 sub. I redid my MCI JH24 with these chips and I really like the results, it allowed me to DC couple the signal path in some places which is always a bonus.

The 604's tend to be prone to oscillation, so you have to be careful, but the nice thing is that they'll run on 24 volt rails so they can be used in a variety of situations. I'm searching for a good 5534 replacement as well, let's hope someone has found the solution. I've heard many people recommend the Phillips brand for 5532/5534's (AN version) apparently they sound better than anything else that's currently available.