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Yeah, but sony really know what they were doing with oxford. They lost the video consumer war (and that's a pitty, cause ßcam was really better than VHS), but would have they achieve the commercial succes of DMXR100 without leading the digital consoles realm with the Oxford.
Everybody jumped on that little desk because of the confidence they had on Sony knowledge about digital desks.
The fact is that thoses two piece of gear have NOTHING in common in the end.

It reminds me how they were so clever when they released the first Walkman. They could have released a recording walkman from the begining, but they waited just to give the impression that they founded a technology that could compete with HiFi big system in a miniaturize little box.
That was so clever, marketingwise.

They are so many incredible story like that. Look at Philips : aren't the guy pissed to invent great concepts, and lose the market because they don't have a clue how to lead the market with their ideas.

Well, that bring us back to the begining of the thread : the creativity and the quality is not what makes people buy, marketing does.