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Originally posted by Jules
Al, for the record at an AES show 3 years ago........
thanks jules...on all points..

I feel very much in agreement with jonathon on this point, though perhaps with a little less emphasis on voodoo. If you're looking for a good simulation, a lifetime of mind numbing obsession with analogue audio, connected in systems, can define a lot of those immeasureable gaps. The trick is to find anyone active in the field of DSP with the right mindset and this experience as well, and, there are few just working in the analogue domain.

No matter, I think there is scope for complementary, similar, and excellent plugins, but at the moment my first toe in this pool will be with a 'soft' controlled but inexpensive hardware box, hopefully available residing within ProTools. At the moment, we have a trial Mac Desktop version running.....optimistic fruition for later this year...