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Old 3rd February 2003
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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum - came via the EQ-forum route... Nice to be here and thanks for having me...

I completely second the need for a high quality SSL/C1/C2 plug... Although I also agree with the fact that the hardware version almost always outperforms anything modeled (I have yet to hear anything that is anywhere near to what my '62 AC30 sounds like even with worn out valves) there are other very appealing aspects of a modelled version. I do a lot of different stuff more or less all at once (I suppose I get easily bored heh) and total recall is one of the main reasons I decided to go 'all-in-the-box' and relying on virtual outboard equipment.

I am a TC-Powercore and UAD-1 user and can honestly say as an example that if anyone came up with a GOOD virtual SSL/C1/C2 I would happily add another of those cards (or something similar from another supplier) just to run a really good stereo bus-compressor. I've tried the 'Produceher' settings and the setup sounds really nice, but I have a feeling that there's still more to be had in this department. Now... I've said it - it's out in the open... and I want i NOW..!!!