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Ok, well, mostly I think of things like wiping a days worth of Eddy Grant's backing vocals…… i thought my number was up....... but Eddy said : I knew that was the wrong part. Lets start again…..

That record was a completely 'follow the fates' style approach which led to the whole album becoming about 8% faster by the time it was mixed. Each time we put down a monitor mix, on cassette, the next day it would speed up because there were some nine or so different machines around the plantation it was played on overnight, all running at different speeds. By the time we finished I'd almost tracked them all down, but we had to lock the multitracks at around +4%, and then wind the speed up quickly before the tracks started, to keep sync at such an increase.

So then, go figure out why on the same project we were comping three syllables of the same word from different vocal tracks. ?