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Yeah, I guess I was being a bit picky about the meters. The D/A did sound good, especially in the low end. Maybe I'll try another one should the need arise.

For now we're working on building a 24 bit 96 khz stereo DAC. It's an Assemblage/Sonic Frontiers DAC3 kit that's about 3-4 years old. It uses some great components, such as dual Burr Brown PCM 1704 K-Grade DAC chips per channel in a correlation technique.

I thought I had thrown away the $1,700 I spent on the kit and the upgraded dac chips, but then Jim at Audio Upgrades found the left/right dac boards and the rest of the parts on a shelf when he was moving his shop recently. I knew they were there!

I then found the chassis with the power transformers, main circuit board and custom Burr Brown DF-1704 digital filter upgrade chip in my garage. So I'm going to have Jim put it together this month.