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I ended up with the Benchmark for monitoring and bought the 2192 for 2 trk AD and an extra 2 outs from Nuendo. Great piece of gear. Love it. Funny though, I have a unit that has the meter issue and it's supposed to be a new production unit. My Trident is unblced and the output meters are way down. Have to wait until the 5th for UA to reopen to find out what's up. I can't send the unit back, I'm in the middle of too much work at the moment.
Still really happy with it. DA meters at the moment aren't a deal breaker since Nuendo would clip first on it's output busses. 0dbfs in Nuendo =0dbfs through the UA.
Though like my Father says "Son, you need more flashing lites. I like flashing lites". He doesn't know much about recording but sure likes watching them meters. Guess for his sake I have to get the meters right. K.