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Old 31st December 2004
Originally posted by Shaman
Brad ! The converters in the HEDD 192 run 192 khz, while those in my Spider only run 96 khz. Do you think, they really are the same chips? My local distributor told me, they are different.
Wow, do your homework. The ADC is exactly the same, limited to 96k just like Spider. Dave has preliminary 192kHz DACs (just to be clear, Spider does not have DACs, ok?) almost ready for HEDD, but the ADC is unchanged.

The Avocet has been announced for a very long time. Promises followed promises and nothing has been released. We gave a lot of input here on gs , 5.1 among that. Dave said: No 5.1 will come. Brad released new design sketches on gearslutz. we discussed a lot, gave a lot of input again. nothing has been released. finally it has been released - without digital outs, 5.1 and disturbing clicking noise.
Sure, Dave should have simply wiggled his nose and sprinkled magic pixie dust and *poof*, here's your Avocet.

The reason Avocet took 'so long' was because he finished the design and showed it at AES one year only to be asked about many options not included, so he went back to the drawing board and came up with the new version. He was doing precisely of what you accuse him of not doing...

So Brad / Dave , am I too naughty to ask you this question:
Why that "preliminary information about half ready products - strategy" if in the end you don´t use the input, you are getting ?
I can't speak for Dave here, but I was fishing for input for options for Dave. I don't work for Crane Song (heck, I'm not even a paid endorsee, I'm just really good friends with the guys). Whether or not he chooses to include something is his prerogative, just as it's yours to buy it or not.

Conclusion: Some few engineers like me are demanding customers.
Yah, like I'm not demanding...

That´s good, because we can help making good products even better.
It can, or it can make products that are designed to work at a particular pricepoint 'perfect' for you and the 4 other people that would buy it.

FWIW, I've never even used an Avocet, so I don't know how bad the clicking and such is. To be honest, I imagine it's a great box and really don't know why it would be such a train smash to put something noisy in the machine room.

I´m just saying to cranesong: Do your homework! Unless you don´t I will buy my gear from other companies.
I don't know what to say to this. If CS released a crappy product, I certainly wouldn't buy it, but their reputation is (almost) without reproach. I honestly cannot think of one other pro audio company that is so loved by virtually all customers.

I understand your frustration with your Spider issues, but frankly, spreading untruths about products as you 'heard from a friend' or whatever does little for your credibility in my book. HEDD, STC-8, and Ibis do a lot for CS's credibility, imo.

I've alerted CS to this thread. If they decide to reply, great. If not, also great.

Happy New Year, everyone!