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Old 31st December 2004
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i thought the AD on my spider was very good, pls clarify
your problems? lack of quality?
i am curious as i own that and a digi 192-
which the spider eats every morning for breakfast
also i have no noise from my power supply

about customer service -
one of my led module lights stopped working
dave sent me another free after having owned it over a year
i then switched out the modules and sent the old one back
all at cranesongs expense, so sight unseen w/ only my word they sent a new one so i wouldn't lose even a channel of their GREAT conversion and preamplification
plus they sent me a cool t-shirt free........THANKS DAVE!!!

cranesong's products and service are second to none

negative garbage that can effect how people view a company is all to easy, and carries no responsibilty, only the eventuallity
that someone may make a purchasing decision based on bogus
the spider is the spider, it is all that it needs to be
you don't like it build your own or buy sumth'n other
i had no anticipation of something other than what i bought
what is with people who feel they are entitled to more than they have bought

whinnning ---- " i bought a mix system 4 year ago and digi won't give me full value back, they suck"
tough shit
companies NEED to show a profit, so when you do call em someone might pick up the phone, or maybe you use NUENDO
HA!!!! HA!!!

by the way i just ponied up 2500 for an accel card
my system RULES!! pure power and stability
and it pays for it self and people want to use it-
ergo, i make MONEY!

the spider is a killer deal, if you do not allow yourself to be shafted by certain distributers, which will go unmentioned here


20,000.00 - protools accel, control24, apple g5
and you can be on your way
think about what that kind of functionality would that have cost 10 years ago
idiots want to open a pro studio for 100.00 bucks
and whine that their shit don't sound like a record
tough shit, again

have a nice day, ALOHA!!!!