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Originally posted by Robinhood
Yes you do fletch and no offence intented. Surely if the guys mix was way off track you could say that? or if it was perfect to your ears you could say that. Its not difficult. Is he right now remixing an already perfect sounding mix?

To the opriginal poster. provide a link. Have no fear. Many are very interested and you wont get your head bitten off. Either way you will know if the mix is good or bad.
Robin, babe, I'm not worried about getting my head bitten off, and I'm not worried about "offending" anyone, and I'm certainly not hung up about being 'Politically Correct'.

The truth is, I don't ****ing know what he was shooting to accomplish. I find it impossible to dissect any particular aspect of a production. Is the drum sound what the artist/production team had in mind? I don't ****ing know. Are the guitar tones sitting where the artist/production team envisioned them? I don't ****ing know. I can listen to the song and say "yeah, that's cool", or "that kinda gets in my way from enjoying the ____", but it's just a bullshit opinion that has no bearing on the actual product.

You mention films in another post... a great analogy. When I see a film, I will notice if the dialog sucks, if the directing sucks. This is because the film isn't an all encompassing event. You mentioned the 'Shawshank Redemption'... I thought that was a damn near perfect film. I found it remarkably compelling from the beginning to the closing credits.

On the other hand, I really want to find that 'Wolfgang' mother****er that wasted 2 perfectly good hours of my life with that crap called "The Perfect Storm" and beat him senseless. Perhaps it's because some of my best friends have worked on boats, or perhaps it's my geographical proximity to Glouster, MA... but the dialog in that film really made me nauseous.

Now... I can tell you that I didn't really notice the editing in either film, which to me says the editor did a fabulous job. I can't really notice the camera movements in either film, which says to me that the "DP" [Director of Photography] did outstanding work... but one film entertained me, and one film pissed me off.

I consider things like recording and mixing akin to the work that film editors and DP's do. It should support the musical product, and basically not be noticed. When I go to a movie, I see a finished product. When I listen to a song, I hear a finished product. The elements that are involved in the creation of that product are the vision of the person(s) who are creating that product... unless I'm on the production team, there is no ****ing way I have jack shit to say about any of it.

There are productions that stand out to me... some of the shit Prince ["the artist", "squiggle", whatever the **** he's called these days] was doing with drum samples was amazing to me... but not so much as an individual sound, but how they affected the overall vibe of the release. On an individual level, many of those samples sounded like absolute "lo-fi" shit... but in context, to me they were genius. Did I like the song? .... well... not often. Did I appreciate the craft? Hell yeah.

Unless I'm in direct contact with the production of the record, I will not hear the elements of that recording that comprise the final product in an objective manner. I will hear the elements of the recording as the final product... a product I will like, or dislike, but will be incapable of stating which element of the production [other than song writing and possibly arranging] struck me in a positive or negative manner.

This is why I'm a gear pimp and not an "audio reviewer".