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Re: Manley

Originally posted by malice
mmh, at the risk to disagree with you Fletcher (that is not often the case, I must say), that's what you can read at Manley site :

MANLEY LABORATORIES is the only authorized user of the original Western Electric passive EQ circuitry previously licensed to Pulse Techniques, Inc. found in the well-known (and still sought after in the used market) antique Pultecs. (Yes, we bothered to hunt down Eugene Shenk about ten years ago in New Jersey to ask for his permission and blessings. EveAnna was there.)

People often ask us if our Pultec EQ's sound like the old ones to which we reply, "Yes! But better! The originals had three transformers in the signal path whereas ours can be used completely transformerless. Our Manley Enhanced Pultec has a vastly superior B+ power supply, with regulated and balanced heater supply. Our line amp is known to be killer-sounding. The components we use today just weren't available 20 years ago. So, if you want a project with crackling carbon pots, dirty open frame wafer switches, 5% and 10% tolerance noisy carbon resistors, exposed tubes sticking out the back of the 3U chassis, etc., go pay top dollar for an antique Pultec"


wich is not very far from the Sweatwater statement.

I see a paragraph that says they got permission to use the design and a paragraph that details a bunch of stuff that's different in their unit. What confuses you? Is it the part where they tell you that if you want an original Pultec, go buy a used one? Yes, I can see how that might be considered deceptive, they're really trying to pull the wool over your eyes, the old switcheroo...
As for Sweetwater, I'm shocked. So the salesman told you the unit he sells is exactly what you want? He'll surely lose his license over this. He didn't warn you that the Manley uses their own line amp, not the originals? That's an outright violation of the mail order salesman code of ethics for sure...