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THE amazing sonic character that made the original pultec eq's so prized is here but Manley updates to the original design make the pultec eq's operation and sound a heck of alot more consistend than it was in the old days. Put a classic of yesterday into your studio today

This is a portion of sweetwater's info on the manley enhanced pultec

Can you honestly say that this would not lead a newbie to think he was gettin a "PULTEC"

Yet on here you say the manley unit is only a pultec in name?

As someone who hadnt the opportunity to hear the original. I bought yours thinking it was the same product and Manley picked up the right to reissue with a few changes

How could I not think that with retailers having adds or catalog info like the sweetwater info above

The EQ is far from terrible but also far from a PULTEC
This deception makes it hard for me to buy other manley products
no matter what the quality

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veAnna Manley

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Well, we have been building the Manley Enhanced Pultec since 1990 and the Langevin all-discrete version since 1991 or 1992. R&D took place a looooooooooong time ago doncha think?

Those units are what they are by now, they still sell well, and they are their own things which ain't Pultec clones. Not one component used in our stuff was ever used in an old Pultec. the passive EQ sections resemble the old guys in schematic form. The power supplies and make up gain amps are our own designs.

We use the Pultec name because Eugene Shenk of Pulse Techniques gave us his personal blessings, face to face, to do so, and refused to accept any royalties we offered him. I was there.

Is that a good answer?

Cheers, EveAnna Manley, Manley Laboratories, Inc.