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posted by moskvitch:
I suddenly one day discovered to my surprise that my mixes sounded silky, deep and clean and yet I had used almost no processing and few add-ons. Either I was going deaf (or death) or ProTools HD really is that much better or maybe I was starting to get some tiny grasp on how to use all this stuff. I have no idea, I'm just trying to walk further down that particular road ...

After that day the stuff I see on the internet mostly seem like the Manson family. Just look at the number of people who base their whole identity on writing strange stuff about the voices they claim to hear in the ProTools/Alsihad mix-bus ...


Even in 001 land, the mixes are licensed to ill. Warm chocolately sounding mixes in Digi001 PT - we got 'em. Email me with a land address and I'll send y'all a sample.

Count me among those who do not see the problem with PT.