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One of the things I've found over the years is that I can not "critically examine" anything I'm not working on. I can comment on it musically... maybe even make a suggestion or two on how I might have produced it differently... but from an engineering perspective... I'm clueless as a boat anchor.

As a 'spectator' [even as an educated specator], I don't know what the intention was, nor do I know what the tracks were... so how they fit together is something that is best evaluated by the people/person who were fitting them together.

When I hear someone's work, I hear a finished song. I may hear a sound or two within the song that I may feel could have been a bit more _______... but frankly, I have no idea that if it were a bit more _______ that it wouldn't have totally ****ed the arrangement or the balances of the other instruments.

May I suggest that you live with the mixes for a while, make notes on what you like and what you hate about them... remix the stuff... repeat the process. Sometimes that helps... sometimes it's a waste of time... sometimes my wife hears something I did and says "why didn't you do _____".... which I go back and do and it works like charm.

Best of luck with the project... wish I thought I could be of some assistance... but frankly, I seem to really suck at that sort of thing.