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Fletcher sez:

>>I think you'll find that the SACD stuff will be the 'next big thing'

Can you shed some light on this? I have what I think is
a pretty solid background in mathematics, engineering,
and even a little in studio audio, and I sure can't see
any real difference between the SACD DSD stuff and the DVD-A
PCM stuff. Other than, of couse, the politics and clout
of the backer companies.

I don't see any reason to believe that either SACD or DVD-A
will actually sound better than one another. Better than CD,
sure. That is not enough to make a business plan.

SACD does allow Sony to resell a third (or forth) time the
same back catalog of ancient 60s and 70s rock to
aging babyboomers. Fine. But many of them (us?)
no longer have the hearing to tell the obvious difference,
and rebuying 500+ CDs is a lot of money.

Since all the consumer "pro-audio" stuff is PCM, where does
SACD fit into this? How does this help you and EvaAnne sell
more gear to high end project studios?

From where I sit, the kids don't care about quality at all. CDs
are fine, MP3s are fine, real speakers are not needed. So
they don't look like a target for SACD or DVD-A
Who is gonna buy the stuff in your crystal ball?