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Old 19th December 2002
Lives for gear
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In 20 years all analog gear will be obsolete due to the affordable power of the googleflop thumbnail sized computer which will cost eight bucks.

All mixing, instrumentation, singing, will be done through thought transponders. Ether-albums will be transmitted directly to your cerebral implants, and the temporary single use licensce fee will be deducted from your federally registered debt account. Despite terrible quality degrading copy-protection algorithms encoded in the music, every single album on earth will be pirated and dispersed freely by the contra rebel underground freedom army in an effort to overthrow the RIAA chairman of the board AKA emperor of the earth. The pirated albums will have .000000000000000000000000001-10,000,000,000hz at 1092000000000 bitrate and will be distributed in holo-audio format.

Unfortunately, anyone caught posessing in the past, present, or possible future this stolen property will be subjected to immediate icarceration under the Homeland Security Act of 2010 for unpatriotic and sedotious behavior.