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Originally posted by LuvToLaf
and Electric Ladyland will be reborne
Uhhh, you mean they'll get rid of the SSL 9000j's? Yeah, that's pretty much a given, but being the kind of facility that will have to stay in the "chic desk" market for many moons to come, I'm sure you'll see the great big expensive 'latest and greatest' desks in there.

They've already taken a couple of chances, with like the Focusrite desk, rebuilding control rooms, etc. [from what I understand, the only things that remain from the Hendrix era are the bathrooms and the pumps that keep the Manhasset river from running through the floor of Studio A... but "Hutch" from Manley will know more about the physical plant of the joint than I'll ever know].

Oh... "Electric Ladyland" was an album, "Electric Lady" is a studio. If you were talking about the album, and not the studio... then I'm curious about what the hell you mean by 'reborne'... do you mean "rereleased for umpteenth time"? Or do you mean that someone will do an album like it? Or are you talking about digging up the dead guy and trying to get him to work again?