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Old 18th December 2002
Back from LA, the land of great Sushi...

EveAnna it was great hanging with you.

Well, for me the best part of the Surround Conference was the tons of inspiration I got for my own work. Lots of great people there, who have done plenty of work in surround and were willing to share their experiences. The show was very well organized (thank you Frank Wells). Some of the highlights were Alan Parsons playing his 30 year old Quad mixes of Pink Floyd's - Darkside Of The Moon. They would hold up to anything out there today. He was not very happy about the fact that somebody else (I think it's James Guthry [sp?]) is now mixing DSOTM in 5.1 surround. I think, this is an impossible decission, by whomever made it. Even if Alan hadn't done the original album, he would still be the MY first pick for a 5.1 remix, oh well.

Other very interesting panels where done by Al Schmitt, Elliot Scheiner, Bruce Botnik and Bill Schnee. We heard some amazing surround work from Jason Brennan (Alanis Morissette) and Nathaniel Kunkel, who, IMHO, palyed some of the most daring stuff I've heard sofar. And of course the 5,1 mix of Queen's "Night At The Opera" got lots of applause, what a great record.

Sony/Phillips are pushing the SACD/DSD format. There were a lot of listening/comparison demonstrations and I did like what I heard on the DSD/SACD end. Loks like it could be an interesting format, unfortunately I would have to gut my whole studio and put in all new gear (again).

There was one comparison between 16/44.1 - 24/48 - 24/96 - 24/192. The 192K version kicked ass, but again I didn't like the 96K version as much as the 48K version. I don't know what it is, but 96K does something to the high end I don't like. I heard some similar comments from the people around me in the listening room. The 16/44.1 sounded a lot harder, which actually could be an advantage for the right kind of music. Lots more air, of course, in the higher sampling rates.

I didn't attend the Surround Music Awards, because it conflicted with my Sushi schedule, maybe next year.

In terms of equipment all the important companies were there plus Digidesign heh . Tascam was showing their new DA98HR/DSD recorder, Genex had the new 48 track DSD recorder and their 8 track version (worth checking out, 48 tracks at 24/192 or DSD for about $ 20,000). Soundelux showed their new 47ifet microphone (gotta get one), GML and of course EveAnna with all those wonderful tube units that make our harsh digital stuff sound great again, even though she didn't let me take home the SLAM tut . I ended up buying a Great River MP-2NV as a Christmas present to myself

I got to talk to the DTS people and got some insight in the technical end, very helpful.

All in all a grerat show and well worth the trip, hope to see you all there next year...