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Re: Strap on your crystal ball glasses...

Originally posted by jzb
Strap on your crystal ball glasses and tell us what the future of audio will be.
From what I've seen so far... I think you'll find that the SACD stuff will be the 'next big thing' unless they make it wait in line behind the 192kHz platforms... [after all 96kHz hasn't hit even an 80% proliferation yet... it'll be some time before they move on to "192 is the only way to work"...

The no moving parts "Flash Drives" will be the next biggest thing... I'm sure there will also be a flood of "digital" microphones, probably with that "mic modeler" bullshit software crap inside so folks will be under the mistaken impression that for $89.99 they'll be able to leave the 'Guitarmart' with a $40,000- microphone collection.

All in all... I think you'll see some things of substance, and a ton of bullshit.

This question can be answered by anyone, but really only Fletcher's and EveAnna's will be relevant.
With all that said... I think that there are going to be a hell of a lot of people that will have a hell of a lot better idea of the future of audio than I... for all intents and purposes... I lag about 2-3 years behind the industry as a whole in terms of 'new inovations' [I wanna make sure they work before I invest any time in them]... and while I may be a few months ahead of most folks on new 'analog product' hitting the street... that's hardly anything relevant to the future of audio.