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Old 14th December 2002
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And yes Michael Wagener was indeed there! You know Jules, if you had not put up that post above I wouldn't have known to look out for him. Michael is awesome. Hi Michael!

What a crowd yesterday. Tons of industry heavyweights were there.

Special kudos to Mitch Gallagher who is much less heavyweight than he used to be, 70 lbs less. He looks GREAT. And Marty Porter too. Mitch's secret: balanced diet, working out alot. It's working. A lot!

The Audio Underground has a room there. Yours truly from Manley Labs, Geoff Daking (self titled), David Bock from Soundeluxe, Eric Blackmer from Earthworks, John Jennings from Royer, Jeffrey Warren from GML, Dan Kennedy from Great river, and Wes Dooley with tall hat from AEA were all in the room with Brad Lunde's empire. The $50 lunch consisted of... lettuce! The Audio Undergound did not score free tickets to this amazing lunch banquet but being clever engineers, they ordered a bunch of yummy pizzas much to the jealousy of all the other exhibitors who paid much more for their booths and had to eat lettuce for lunch and had to smell those yummy pizzas going down the main hall right past them.

Nash and Crosby sung at the awards banquet. I was standing outside chatting with Brad Lunde the whole time but we saw them walk by afterwards. Brad and I were in an intense conversation about the future of pro audio distribution and you know that is important.

I didn't see any panels or presentations cuz I wuz working my booth and chatting with my industry heavyweight and formerly heavyweight pals.

Perhaps Michael or someone who attended some panels could fill us in on anything more important that was revealed (other than my food report.)

Last day of show is today. Gotta make breakfast because now I am hungry and then get driving back into Hell-A. (Shouldn't be any traffic on Saturday morning.)