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It's a funny one - like the last guy said (in more eloquent words) 24 bits is all about more dynamic range that you can potentially capture, and if you're doing pop or don't use much and can afford to not necessarily hit just below zero
all the time..wheras in 16 bits, I reckon yes, recording hotter sounded better than not.

Normalising is probably a pointless excercise and not improving your audio quality, whereas using a compressor and getting an overall level increase is different..I like to fantasize and think that when I use something like a plugin and crank an input and/or output and get level gain I do so cos it sounds better.

summing; well..I reckon if you are applying old school gain structure through your input chain, convertors & plugins you'll be ok. Yes, plugins need proper gain structuring too ! As far as coming out, don't clip your master fader. Build your mix properly, and away you go.

There's lots of debate and some real scientific sh1t
regarding summing math, but at the end of the day..I'm not convinced it makes tremendous difference.