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Old 5th October 2004
IMHO - The trick here I feel is to be less preoccupied with the 'level before clipping' while recording and be more aware of the optimum level your equipment PRE CONVERTER likes best to operate at.

Make your converter conform to your outboard (via calibration / adjustment) and not the other way round.

Note: There is a theory that back when digital was new it was a good idea to feed converters 'near digital zero' for a better conversion quality - (so mixers diligently and painstakingly set levels to DAT players to be a hair away from "overs") and that nowadays, digital 20 years forward, with better converters and SN ratios - this precautionary procedure is now redundant.

Personally I have adjusted my methods to fit in with this theory, and dont worry too much about extra hot levels to my converters.