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Originally posted by Curve Dominant

The high-quality labor of experts is expensive; then quality ingredients add to that cost.

If a box is expensive, it's (certainly in the case of Manley) because a lot of expert labor went into the careful assembly of high-quality ingredients.

You can:
1) Enjoy the money well-spent on that cuisine,
2) Save $$$ by cooking at home, or
3) Save even more $$$ by eating at McDonalds (but bear in mind: you are what you eat).

I've had to grapple with this issue in the culinary field, with comments like, "I could buy that steak for $5.99 at Acme, and you're charging $28.50 for it!"

Correct, but I'm paying rent on prime real estate for my dining room, my kitchens, walk-in refrigerators etc, as well as salaries for:
1) The purchasing guy who accepts delivery of the merchandise and inspects it for quality,
2) the butcher who cuts it into palatable portions and at consistent portion sizes,
3) the garde mangér cook who preps the vegetable parts of the dish,
4) the line cook who makes the mash potatoes,
5) the sauciér who makes the sauce
6) the sauté cook who works the line and assembles the dishes hot to order,
7) the süs chef who organizes and leads all of those people and runs the kitchen's minute-by-minute operation,
8) the dishwashers, who are the most important guys in the whole operation because if their station goes down, the whole operation grinds to a halt,
9) the executive chef, the highly paid star of the show who spends most of his time in planning and accounting and rarely goes near a burner or a hot pot, and probably has book deals, licensing deals and TV appearances competing for his time,
10) the waiters, busboys, bartenders, barbacks, cashiers, hostesses, coatcheck girls, floor managers, valet parking attendants, overnight cleaners,
11) plus all of the sub-contracted staff such as plumbers, electricians, dish machine maintainence...
12) the business, accounting, legal and PR staff

All of that is what you're paying for in a $28.50 steak.

That's what Manley does in audio gear.

Or you could go to Radio Shack (McDonalds) instead. Or something in between, like Alesis for example (TGIF). Up to you. It's a free country.
yeah but if the steak tastes like shit then what's the point?

I'll give the slam/passive thing a shot.
I like to get more color/character from my gear than what the manley stuff does.