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1) How do you conduct your A/B listening tests?
When doing comparitive A/B listening we often use purpose built switch boxes and also always make sure to match the levels exactly because as we know "louder is better"... We listen on several different systems at the factory, at my house, and in mastering room buddies in LA. Both Hutch and I have good "aural memories" as in able to remember the sound or feeling from a certain piece of gear, sometimes for many many years so sometimes other listening tests are not done in a live A/B comparitive manner. Then we beta test and send early gear out to certain pals who will be able to make the thing work in a real life situation. Pals who are capable of listening critically and describing what they hear back to us for further changes if need be.

The Voxbox doesn't remotely resemble a V72/1176 in the least bit. We did not compare a Voxbox to that V72/1176 combo because we were not trying to beat that, or become that. If you like the V72/1176 combo better for your uses, then you do.
2)Why are we so in love with this old shit?
Because a lot of old shit is fabulous stuff?
3) why is your stuff so expensive? (flashy faceplates?)
Because it is.