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Old 6th September 2004
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We're sorry about your problem. We tried to help you resolve it, but you sold your nice new converter and bought a nice new guitar before we could help.
Joe. I tried to send you a PM, but you have blocked them. So, here is the content of that message.

Joe - In all fairness, I did wait two weeks between the time I purchased the first 2192 and when I decided to return the second one for store credit. As I mentioned in my latest post, I recieved two calls from one of your techs, who did say that the designer would be calling me. If you were on vacation or otherwise unavailable, I did not know this and apologize.

I personally think that if you knew about that problem, the units at Guitar Center that I purchased should have been recalled. I shouldn't have to send a product in for repair 20 minutes after I buy it. Now that I finally have some word on this problem and that it has been fixed, I may consider purchasing another 2192 (in fact it's likely).

It is unfortunate that I had to complain about this on Gearslutz to get a definitive answer. I posted about it previously, but would not have mentioned it again in public had you called me to discuss the problem. If you read all my Gearslutz posts about the 2192, I praised your company for their pre-sales customer support, and I also said the converer had great sounding low end.

I noticed that more than one other person has had this problem. Hey, can I get an additional discount if I buy a newer one? Anyway, thanks for replying to the post.