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We're sorry about your problem. We tried to help you resolve it, but you sold your nice new converter and bought a nice new guitar before we could help. I would have kept the converter and bought the guitar too if I could afford it, but to each his own affliction.

The output meters in some early revisions will read incorrectly when run into unbalanced loads (instead of -6dB lower as expected, they read -18dB lower, and thus may not appear to be working when lower level signals are present). This has absolutely no effect on either the sound quality or the operation of the rest of the unit.

This issue was resolved several months ago in all production units, and there is a service update, but it requires sending the unit back to UA for repair. The simple fix is to disconnect the unused output pin instead of grounding it.

Btw, you should check (and recal if nececssary) your analog output trims if you plan to connect your 2192 (or any converter) to an unbalanced input. Most unbalanced (consumer) input levels are referenced to -10dBV, while balanced (pro) line levels are referenced to +4dBu. The 2192's outputs can be calibrated to a wide range of outputs, making it suitable for everything from theater sound systems to home stereos.


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