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Originally Posted by Jamz ➡️
So do you guys think the additional cost for Green Glue is warranted over Quiet Glue?
I'm not thinking that ......, official lab tests proved it did.
Only 25% Green Glue coverage beats 100% Quiet Glue coverage. See the thread I linked.
Hence comparing both is a simple calculation.

The other question of course remains: Do you need Green Glue or whatever alternative at all?
It has only sense to strengthen links in a chain, when these chains are the weak links defining the overall insulation.
Strengtening a already strong or stronger link doesn't make the chain as a whole stronger.
Isolation is mainly defined by the weakest link.

And if you don't need the additional isolation, than it's lost money. Hence it depends on your goals and purpose.
Green Glue doesn't improve a studio. Green Glue does improve TL where applied. If sensible and needed it's likely the best related product available.