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As I expressed my negative opinion about BM15A earlier, yesterday I had chance to listen (nothing more) to BM6A at my place and I was pleasantly surprised. They were a bit scooped in the mids (but what isn't when you are used to S3A), they had good dynamics and fuller sounding bass than S3A. Dunno those BM15A should have been broken or what.

Another pair that I've heard yesterday were P11A. Surprisingly I didn't hear a lot less bass than S3A had, but the highs with room eq (6kHz shelf) on 0dB were a bit too much. -1 -2dB on that eq put them in line with rest of the speakers (with dynaudio beeing a bit brighter than s3a). P11A didn't sound as full and detailed as S3A, but it was very close... not bad at all.

well that was just a listening, there was no time do do even basic mix on them so take it as is...

BTW dynaudios were closer to what I remember about KH character than adam line. But KH were more dynamic and powerfull.