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Old 5th June 2004
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The pop version was mixed on a SSL Axiom in Switzerland along with the country version which had different instrumentation than the pop version. It was a long process because a lot of the arrangements were done it the mix and I was dealing with the Axiom !!! I had spent some time in England at SSL working on the redo-of the eq and dynamics so that the board was useable but it wa kinda hard . I would do a lot of stuff in Protools because the board just wasn't user friendly.
The" world" version was done all on a mac laptop after a couple of English guys had gone to India to record all the great musicians that they could.
We also did a surround mix which was done on a Euphonix series 5. But yes there were 3 versions of the last album released as wellas numerous other single versions. Mutt believes in covering his bases!!!